The Citizen's Advocate Platform!

Where the issues You Face Have a Champion Resource You Wouldn't Believe Exists - And it Works!

From Social Security Widow's Benefits Wrongful Denials, SSDI Wrongful Denials, Unemployment Compensation Denial by Employers, Workers' Rights Violations, Veterans Benefits Issues, Homeless and Housing Referrals and More...You wouldn't believe where help can be found. But I know, because I was part of the engine in the U.S. Senate that powered these vital services.  If you never knew, you will. True Stories, and with this knowledge you will know that NO is NOT Final Answer!


My Ultimate Goal is to help you to receive what you are due, and to do that I reach out to the powerhouse where I learned the process and became a conduit between the Citizens and their Answer to their dilemmas. Some will be surprised where your Answer resides.

There IS a Power Source Whose Mission is to Step in on Your Behalf when the System Fails You. This 'Body' has oversight of the federal government and can step in on your behalf when a clear violation of your rights has occurred. You don't need a Lawyer!

MY Mission is to Hear Your Problem, Vet Your Problem (against the criteria for assistance), and Bring Your Problem to the People with This Power. FREE.

Why this Website? Simply because no centralized public awareness information source for this news has existed before. In the recent decade, you can find these services listed on Congressional Member Websites (House and Senate), but who is going to check there if they don't know this assistance even exists? In truth, in my conversations helping others many don't even know who their Senator or House Member is, or how to find their Congressional Member. Here's your first hint - What's your Zip Code? That will tell you when you go online to the House or Senate website. 

My name is Dianne McNair, former Congressional Executive Support and Constituent Liaison for  Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. In that capacity I was privileged to learn more about our government than what is well outlined to us in our schools. There is another stage behind the curtain that you won't see on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or other outlets.

For instance - Did You Know THIS? There is a ''Body within the Body" in EVERY Member's and Senator's Congressional Office that specializes in areas outside the baseline of drafting legislation for our nation and its citizens? These teams focus on the everyday life matters of the constituents who have run into a Wall where their legal or rightful provisions or well-being has been nullified by careless, incompetent or inattentive review staff? This is my focus, my passion and my mission - To educate, empower and equip you with the resource needed to challenge the actions of 'The System' and its failure to properly handle your entitlements that are rightfully yours under the Law. These 'Soldiers' are the people behind the curtain who are equipped with the power and tools to act under the name of the Congressperson or Senator to step into your matter, find out what happened/see the flaw, question the offending entity and instruct that same entity to correct its error. You need to know that if your complaint has merit (and those I've handled DO), being under the scrutiny of a Congressional Office Inquiry is enough to move that agency or entity to revisit what they did and correct it.

Congress does far more than holding debates/hearings and voting on bills to be sent to the President for signing into Law. They have this side avenue where they actually come into your Life issues, challenging wrongful denials of benefits, workers' rights violations, wrongful terminations, social security widow's benefits matters, social security disability matters, housing and homeless referrals and placement assistance, veterans' disability benefits you may question, and more.

While assisting citizens with getting what is due them at NO COST, I am available to speak at organization-sponsored gatherings for a negotiable fee within your budget. Contact info below.